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30 Best Gluten-Free Side Dishes for Your Potluck Parties

These gluten-free recipes are a great way to showcase your culinary skills, support your healthy eating lifestyle, and amaze the crowd with simple ingredients. You’ll find creamy dips, potatoes with a fun twist, and sensational side salad ideas.

collage of 4 recipes from the gf side dishes for potluck roundup.

The marvelous thing about potlucks is that you only have to make one or two dishes.

Friends, family, and neighbors alike appreciate this convenient arrangement. It makes hosting easier and more cost-effective for festive gatherings, Superbowl parties, or summer picnics.

And it’s also a fun way to add a wide variety of good food. Soon after everyone arrives, your host might need to pull out a second table to fit all the delicious contributions!

It’s a win/win, right?

Not quite.

What if you’re following a gluten-free diet or asked to bring a gluten-free side dish to the next event?

Chances are you’re already sweating.

How do you choose something that’s the perfect complement to everyone else’s dish and gluten-free as well?

We all know each dish is going to be silently judged alongside everyone else’s, so it has to be something that’s going to rock those taste buds!

Below, you’ll find 30 of the most mouth-watering, gluten-free potluck recipes to inspire your next trip to the grocery stores.

All follow gluten-free dietary restrictions and offer a good balance with the other meals at your next potluck party!

Best Gluten-Free Side Dishes for Potluck

If you are looking for gluten-free food for your upcoming potluck party, you might have a long shopping list now with all of these amazing ideas! Nothing is too extravagant or complicated, and the party guests will be excited to dig in.

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