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30 Sides to Wow With Sausage and Peppers

Want a great side dish to go with your spicy sausage and peppers at the dinner table? Try these new recipes and make a complete meal out of a classic Italian dish.

collage showing 4 of the recipes from the sausage and peppers roundup

Whether it’s hot Italian sausages or the sweet variety, this is the perfect dish to spice up your weekly dinners.

Follow these simple instructions for a spectacularly delicious meal that’s easy to prep:

  1. Pull out your favorite kitchen knife and slice up different colors of bell peppers
  2. Try not to cry in front of the whole family as you get those onions ready for the meal
  3. Slice the sausages (or not – it’s up to you!)
  4. Cook your veggies in a large skillet and let them brown nicely
  5. Finally, add your sausages (and any other seasonings like garlic and herbs)

While your main dish is sizzling, it’s time to make the perfect side dish.

And you don’t need to run to the local bakery to grab a few freshly-baked rolls of bread straight from their oven (but if you do, I’ll be making a trip to your house for dinner!).

Here are some of the easiest recipes to complement those spicy Italian sausages (or chicken sausage) if you want something other than a sandwich:

Best Sides for Sausage and Peppers

As you can see, Italian sausage sandwiches are not your only option. When you’ve run out of ideas, try any one of these scrumptious side dishes to create a whole new combination that your family will love.

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