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What to Serve With Seafood Gumbo: 26 Best Side Dishes

If you’re looking for the perfect side to serve with seafood gumbo, we’ve got you covered. This collection features 26 seafood gumbo side dish recipes for you to choose from.

collage of 4 of the recipes from the sides for seafood gumbo collection.

Seafood gumbo is a rich, complex stew with a spicy kick. It’s a popular dish in any New Orleans restaurant.

You can trace the roots of this southern classic to the enslaved Africans who brought non-native okra seeds to America. They grew the unique vegetable and used it to create an exquisite gumbo.

The okra is essential for thickening this unforgettable meal, but many recipes borrow from other cuisines. Some start the base with a dark roux (a French technique) and add a dash of filé powder (a Native American specialty).

You can choose any seafood you like, but shrimp, crab, bay scallops, and oysters make a perfect combination. A typical gumbo also includes the holy trinity: chopped green bell peppers, onions, and celery.

But if you’re still holding out on making gumbo because you despise slimy okra, here’s a great way to deslime the okra before cooking it.

One final tip: to achieve the best gumbo, allow it to simmer for at least 30 minutes.

And while that’s happening, let’s look at the most popular side dishes you can make to go with this delicious family dinner:

Side Dishes for Seafood Gumbo

Next time you add seafood gumbo to your weekly menu, try a few of these delicious side dishes to make it a complete meal. In keeping with true southern cuisine, most are on the spicy side or hearty enough to complement the rich gumbo.

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Tuesday 7th of March 2023

I was scrolling through, trying to decide which I'd make first. Love hush puppies ... but those Cajun Crab Cakes look TOO GOOD! And then I spotted the Cajun Okra - that sounds perfect!!